Meeting Minutes

Red Bank Middle School Athletics Foundation
September 30, 2013
Red Bank Public Library

Attendance: Kelsey Richardson, Sherry Ashe, J T Pierson, Gene Horowitz, Elias Ayala, Enrico Ciabattoni, Ann Ciabattoni

President’s Report:
Fundraising: We are fundraising for two purposes at this time. The Superintendent, Laura Morana asked if the Foundation could make up a budget shortfall of approximately $2,400.

The second project: The schools asked the Foundation to purchase a defibrillator that the school can bring to games that are off school property, at Count Basie Field for example. The cost is about $1,660. All coaches have been trained to use this equipment and some of the teachers as well. Question – can we get a better price? Online prices were about $1,800 - $2,100. Other ideas – could Riverview help us source and get a better discount for this equipment.

First fundraiser: The raffle for the two soccer jerseys netted $305. The shirts were donated by Elias and Gregg & Barbara Moore. Tickets were sold at the Summer BBQ and Back to School night. Back to School had more takers. The winners were families on Oakland Street and Bank Street.

Sports Program at the Middle School –
Question – is the Middle School Track Program cut for the 2013-14 school year? According to J.T. – yes. There was a choice between adding Assistant Coaches for all the teams or keeping the Track program. School chose to add Assistant Coaches. Question – How much does the Track Program cost? J.T. estimated about $7,400. Question – if we wanted to reinstate the program, what is the drop dead date to make the commitment in order for the RBMS to get back in the league and participate with other schools. J.T. will have to give us that date.

Second fundraiser: The Winter Dinner Dance is a go. Proposed date is January 17 with January 24 as the snow date. Cost will be $5/person. Gene Horowitz will head up this event.

Third fundraiser: We will be doing a major raffle again this year, with the drawing in June. Cost is $20/ticket. There will be 3 big prizes – A 50” flat screen TV, a basket of sports related tickets and events, a basket of Red Bank event tickets and gift cards.

Other ideas for the kids now that the 21
st Century Grant is gone.

RBR Basketball Camp - $50/week. RBMSAF would underwrite some of this to make it less expensive for the kids to participate.

RB Rec Program – Basic skills building camp in December

Run sports camps before each sport’s try out days.

Foundation Program - Offer a prize to the athlete with the best GPA (boy and girl in grades 6 – 8) Prize could be Red Bank Bucks in the amount of $100 for each winner. Create a plaque for the RBMS trophy case in the gym lobby that will hold the winners’ names for each year. Present this at the sports banquet. There will only be one sports awards banquet this year for all the sports. It will be in May. Over 100 kids in the RBMS participate in sports.

Other fundraising ideas:

Family Movie Night – a potential fundraiser

Sell refreshments at home basketball games. Who will organize this effort and man the tables?

Steak & Bake – Kelsey mentioned this event he had attended at the Lincroft Firehouse. For a single price, it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Steak, salad, dessert plus paper goods, people to cook/serve, clean up. That event was $20/person. Ran for three hours -- 6 – 9 pm. Seemed to be very successful event for them. He will get details about the group that does this event.