Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Red Bank Middle School Athletics Foundation?

The Red Bank Middle Athletics Foundation (RBMSAF), which is governed by its Board of Directors, is a 501 (c) (3) organization. This means that we are established as a non-profit organization that exists solely for the benefit of Red Bank Middle School athletes. The RBMSAF board is elected every year by its membership. Its mission is to provide athletic opportunities for the students of the Red Bank Middle School that would not exist without the RBMSAF. In addition, a secondary goal of the RBMSAF is to work with the Red Bank Regional High School athletic programs to prepare RBMS students to be ready to compete when they move on to high school.

In addition to its board of directors, participation in the RBMSAF includes student representatives from the Red Bank Middle School, parents, Red Bank Middle School liaisons (Principal and Superintendent) and members of the Red Bank Board of Education.

What Sports are we sponsoring?

The initial objective of the RBMSAF is to sponsor these sports:
• Boys and Girls Soccer
• Boys and Girls Basketball
• Baseball
• Softball
• Track [boys and girls]

What do we do?
The primary objective of the RBMSAF is to secure the funding to sustain and grow Red Bank Middle School sports programs. However, our goals extend far beyond merely helping to field the teams:
• The RBMSAF strives not only to provide the necessary funding to field the teams, but also to improve their competitiveness; both to enhance the athletes’ Middle School experience and to prepare many of our athletes for competition at the high school level and beyond. For example, the RBMSAF will, as funds are available, pursue opportunities to provide additional training to our student-athletes and facilitate the hiring of the most qualified teacher-certified coaches and instructors.
• In addition to funding, the RBMSAF assists the Red Bank Middle School in any capacity needed to secure its teams’ participation in their respective sports. This may include assisting with scheduling, transportation arrangements, etc.
• The RBMSAF will seek to provide the funding to improve the facilities utilized by our student-athletes (fields, scoreboards, etc.).
• Ultimately, the RBMSAF seeks to broaden the opportunities for Red Bank Middle school athletes to extend the programs to its 4th and 5th grade students.
• Additionally, we seek to recognize our student athletes in tangible ways (e.g., trophies, awards events, community recognition).

Who is eligible to participate in Red Bank Middle School Sports?
Students who are in 6th, 7th and 8 grade at the Red Bank Middle School are eligible to try out for RBMS teams, provided they meet minimum academic and other criteria as set forth by RBMS policy.

Why are tryouts necessary?
One of the most difficult things for a coach to do is to cut a player from a team. However, RBMS sports have a limited number of spots on the team. Coaches will utilize tryouts to evaluate the skill level of the candidates for the team. Fortunately, Red Bank also offers opportunities in many sports through its Parks and Recreation program. We strongly encourage players who do not make the team in their sport to keep playing in the community and to try again next season to make the team.

How do I become a member?
Click the “Become a Supporter” link on our home page and supply the requested information. Alternatively, call the Red Bank Middle School office (732-758-1500) and indicate that you would like to join the Foundation.

What else can I do to help?
Volunteer!!! Every activity that happens with the RBMSAF happens because people have volunteered. In order to ensure that the RBMSAF’s programs continue to enrich the experience of our Middle School students, we need people like you to continue to volunteer to make our programs successful. This can be in any of several capacities: serving on a committee (e.g., fundraising, athletics), signing up to help with a fundraising event, or merely showing up for our games and cheering on our student athletes. See our web site, or any coach, team parent, or board member and ask how you can get involved.