Mission Statement

The mission of the Red Bank Middle School Athletics Foundation is to retain, sustain, and grow the Red Bank Middle School athletics program.
We feel that participation in athletics is a vital part of a child’s education. We see success in athletics as a way to help the student-athletes become successful in academics. Lessons learned on the playing field can help them in the classroom. Being able to make quick decisions. Staying focused under pressure. Training their minds and bodies to perform on demand. These are some of the things that we hope to achieve. We're not worried about the children winning every game. If they do, great. More importantly, we want them to be good competitors.

It is the mission of the Red Bank Middle School Athletics Foundation (RBMSAF) to ensure that our children not only have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic sports at the middle school level but to do so competitively. This commitment can range from funding the entire athletics program for the school year to providing additional training sessions for the various teams separate from what the school coaches can offer or to providing updated equipment or facilities.

The RBMSAF is an approved volunteer organization recognized by the Red Bank Borough Public Schools. This association is comprised of a group of volunteers who work to provide the opportunity for Red Bank Middle School students to compete on teams against other middle schools. The goal of the RBMSAF Board is to provide the best experience that we can to as many student athletes as possible.